If you are dealing with a toothache during the weekend, you may be unsure of how to get some relief. You could be worried about paying higher prices to your dentist because it's outside of typical office hours, but you might be wondering if you'll ever be able to cope until Monday. Luckily, following these suggestions can help you get some relief in the meantime.

Gargle with Salt Water

You've probably heard it from your mom or grandma at some point, but gargling with salt water really can be a good solution when your tooth hurts, particularly if you think that your toothache could be related to gum disease. Doing so is easy; just fill a glass with warm water from the sink, and add in a few tablespoons of salt. Stir the mixture until it dissolves, then swish your mouth as if you were using mouthwash. When you spit out the salt water, you might find that you soothe your ache at the same time.

Chew on a Piece of Garlic

Garlic isn't just a yummy ingredient in your favorite Italian dishes; it can also be quite helpful with soothing a toothache. In fact, it actually has antibiotic properties, so crush up a piece of garlic and rub it into your gums at the source of the pain. You can also bite down gently on a garlic clove for some relief.

Use a Numbing Gel

Stop at your favorite drugstore to look for a numbing gel to apply to your gums. This numbing gel can often be found near the toothpaste and other dental care products; just check the label to ensure that it's safe for oral use. Gently dry off the affected area with a cotton ball or piece of tissue to help the gel adhere properly, then carefully apply a small amount of the gel. Follow the directions on the package for reapplication instructions.

Consider Seeing a Dentist Anyway

Although you might be concerned about the cost of seeing your dentist on the weekend, you should at least call to find out how much it will cost. Dental emergencies should be handled as quickly as possible, and some dentists don't charge as much as you probably think to see their patients on weekends. If this simply isn't an option, consider going to an urgent care facility in your area for medical attention.

Also, remember the above-mentioned tips to get some relief. Although they might not help with the most severe of toothaches, they can help you get through until you are able to see your dentist such as someone from Salem Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.