It is quite common for children to feel a sense of anxiety before their first dentist visit. Unfortunately, unless this anxiety is eased prior to their appointment, many of these children will risk developing a lifelong fear of dental care. Thankfully, you can help to prevent this from happening to your child simply by playing with them. More specifically, you can help to ease your child's fear by engaging in role play. Below you will learn more about how you can use simple role playing games to help teach your child about proper dental care and ultimately ease the anxiety they feel before their first dentist appointment.

Educating Your Child

The more information your child has concerning proper dental care, the less likely they will be to be fearful of the dentist. This is why it is so important for you to take the time to educate your child about what they can expect during a visit to the dentist and how each action their dentist takes will help to improve the health of their teeth and gums. This can be done by asking your child to let you play the role of a dentist and examine their teeth.

When role playing with your child, be sure to consistently put them at ease by telling them exactly what you are going to do before you do it. For instance, when inspecting their teeth for cavities, explain to them that you are going to use a dental mirror to help you see the front and back of each tooth. You may also wish to demonstrate on yourself so that your child can see for themselves that the process will not hurt them in any way.

The more information you can give your child during this role playing exercise, the more comfortable they will be on the day of their appointment. If you are not quite sure of what will be included as part of their first dental exam, contacting your child's dentist ahead of time can help to ensure you are providing your child with the most accurate and complete information possible.

Empowering Your Child

Now that your child is thoroughly educated regarding the dental exam process, it is time for your child to put this knowledge into action. Doing so will empower your child and cause their anxieties to simply melt away.

In order to empower your child, ask them if they would like to play the role of a dentist and inspect your teeth. Encourage them to mimic each of the steps that you took when inspecting their teeth and to share with you everything they know about good dental care.

By allowing your child to play the role of a dentist, they will be learning to identify themselves with these professionals rather than fearing them. Who knows, you may even find that you have inspired a future dentist by the time your role playing session comes to a close. Talk to your local dentist, like someone from, for more information.