If you have missing teeth and are looking for a good replacement option, you can't get any better than dental implants. They are the closest thing to a permanent tooth replacement you will find. Dental implants use metal posts that are implanted into your jawbone, after which your bone grows around the metal post, holding it in place. An abutment and crown is placed on top of the post, which becomes your new tooth structure. While it is a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, it is also one of the most expensive options. Here are some tips for affording dental implants.

Visit a Local Dental School

Many people are aware that dental schools provide inexpensive dental work, such as cleanings and root canals, but did you know they can also do dental implants? As implants become more popular, more dentists that are experienced with the proper techniques are in demand. That means you may be able to find a local dental school with students who are currently learning implants and will do it for a fraction of the cost. No need to worry about the procedure, as they are always closely monitored by experienced dentists and oral surgeons.

File the Insurance Claim Correctly

Talk to your dentist when you are discussing getting dental implants, and ask them to file the insurance claim in a way that shows you need this procedure. While dental implants are often considered cosmetic, and may not be covered fully by your dental insurance policy, there are ways to show how important they are. For example, if due to your tooth loss, you are also experiencing bone loss, that can have a negative effect on your oral health. Other tooth replacement options won't help with bone loss, but with implants, the oral surgeon can do a bone graft first. This may be a way to get it covered by insurance.

Opt for Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are considerably less expensive than traditional dental implants, and perform the same function. The main difference is that the metal posts are about half the size. Because the posts are shorter, the procedure goes more quickly and you have a much shorter recovery time. Talk to your dentist about getting the smaller dental implants for replacing your teeth.

Ask About Multiple Implant Discounts

If you are replacing more than one tooth, ask your dentist about possibly getting a multiple implant discount. They will most likely perform the oral surgery for multiple implants during the same session. For example, if you have two missing teeth that need implants, you will be put under anesthesia, then get the two posts implanted at the same time. This prevents you from needing multiple procedures, and often allows you to get a discount since you are paying for more than one at the same time.

Dental implants are well worth the cost, and these tips can help you better afford them. Talk to experts like Bedich Joseph D DDS MAGD for more information.