Are you planning all of your summer socializing and fun? Do you have a vacation or two in mind? Before you call your travel agent or book a hotel room, it's in your best interest to schedule a dental appointment. Check out three treatments you should schedule in order to enjoy premium oral health this summer:

Restoration Treatments

You might have though that cosmetic treatment should be the first thing that you'd schedule when getting ready for summer socializing, but no dentist will allow you to pursue cosmetic treatment without giving you a clean bill of oral health. If the oral exam reveals tooth decay or gum infection, then these are the treatments that will take priority over treatments like whitening your teeth.

And, here's another reason why restorative treatments are a priority: untreated dental ailments lead to seemingly-unrelated health issues, especially if you're a diabetic, or if you've been diagnosed with heart disease.

If you currently struggle with a compromised immune system that has led you to develop an auto-immune condition, then remember that you'll be placed in close proximity with many others while you party, or visit vacation resorts. When you travel with poor oral health, then you'll compromise the entire health of your body.

Tooth Whitening Treatments

Have you addressed any current oral health issues? Excellent! Now you can address the appearance of your teeth. One way that you can do is by requesting tooth whitening treatments.

Tooth whitening that you'll receive at the dentist's office is superior to anything that you'll purchase over the counter. The process removes stains past the tooth's enamel, and you won't have to worry about dental-grade tooth whitening solution permanently ruining your teeth, or burning your gums.

Dental Veneers Boost Your Smile

Okay, so maybe having your teeth whitened isn't enough to give you the smile that you're hoping for. If you're hoping to boost the attractiveness factor of your smile, then perhaps asking for dental veneers is the right thing to do.

Veneers work by changing either the length or the thickness of your teeth. Some patients attempt to achieve both goals. The procedure involved filing down the surface of your teeth, adhering the dental material over top your natural teeth, binding the material, and then shaping it down to make it look natural. And, as an added bonus, you'll automatically achieve a whiter smile after you've had the veneers applied to your natural teeth.

Planning a summer to enjoy is important, but it's even more important to plan a trip to a family and cosmetic dentist. You'll be able to take care of decay, and you'll feel a lot more confident and healthier during your summer travels. For more information about any of these treatments, consult resources like Edgewood Dental.