Wisdom teeth are one of the last dental phases of maturing into adulthood, which is why those that do experience issues with their wisdom teeth are between the ages of 15 and 25. If you've gone this long with them pushing out and going back in your gums, you may wonder what the point of having them removed could be. Well, your wisdom teeth can cause irritation and infections. Here is a brief overview of six issues your wisdom teeth could cause you down the line.

1. Overcrowding of Your Teeth

If you are considering orthodontic work, such as wearing braces, the entire purpose is to straighten teeth. However, as your wisdom tooth comes in, it's now pushing its way through wherever it can. This could disturb any progress your braces have made by shifting your teeth again. Your orthodontist may recommend extraction before doing any work after they've reviewed your x-rays.

2. Creates Sinus Problems

Wisdom teeth are close to your sinus cavity. At times, your wisdom tooth can become infected, which can lead to a sinus infection and result in congestion and pain.

3. Impacts Other Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are positioned below another tooth or bone, they need to be removed. Before this happens, you may experience much oral pain. The tooth may dislodge your other teeth, so it is important to go to the dentist as soon as possible.

4. Causes Jaw Damage

A cyst can form around the new teeth and cause damage to your jaw. Damage is caused when the cyst hollows out the jaw and creates nerve damage. Other types of tumors may also occur because of wisdom teeth. This rarely happens, but it is still a possibility if you do not remove an irritable wisdom tooth.

5. Form Cavities

It is hard to maintain good oral health due to your wisdom teeth because they are hard to reach and clean. Bacteria can grow and cause the teeth to form cavities. A dentist may recommend that you remove wisdom teeth that come in without any complications because they are susceptible to cavities.

6. Gums Become Inflamed

When your wisdom teeth come in, your gums may become swollen and sensitive while you brush and/or floss.

The above six scenarios are all issues your wisdom teeth could cause. Your dentist will examine your wisdom teeth to help you make an informed decision of whether or not they should be removed. Contact a local dentist, like Centre Family Dentistry, with any questions.