As a parent, you want to make oral-care fun for your children, as this will help them to always think of oral care in a positive way in the future. Making caring for teeth a fun activity can also make it much easier for you to get your children in the bathroom brushing and flossing now without a struggle. While there are many ways to make brushing more fun for your children, one way is to use toothpastes that are not only fun, but also great for their teeth. Try one of these fun toothpaste ideas to make brushing more fun in your house. 

1. Toothpaste with Propolis

While you always want to make sure your children's toothpastes contain adequate amounts of fluoride, you can find toothpastes that have fluoride and a natural ingredient called propolis. Propolis is a natural resin that bees collect to use to build their hives. Not only does it add more bacteria-fighting power to your children's toothpaste to help keep their teeth and gums healthy, but it gives you an easy way to make brushing with this toothpaste fun for your children. 

Tell your children that the propolis in the toothpaste comes from bees and that alone may excite them. You can then buy them toothbrushes with a bee theme or ones decorated with their favorite honey-loving bear character. Turning brushing into an entire fun-filled process with a theme may be all you need to do to make your children look forward to their trips to the bathroom for oral care. 

2. Weird Flavored Toothpastes

If you want to stick with traditional fluoride-only toothpaste, then you can instead purchase toothpaste made with traditional ingredients that come in not-so-traditional flavors. You can find toothpastes in strange flavors, like pickle, bacon, and even soda-pop. You can also find delicious flavors, like chocolate cookie, cupcake, and honey. 

It can be a great idea to turn brushing time into game-time for your children by first purchasing a variety of strange and delicious flavors. When it is time for your little ones to brush, place all flavors into a bag and have them close their eyes and pick one randomly. Watch their eyes light up when they get the chocolate or when they get to try the bacon flavor for the very first time! 

While this can be a fun game, remember that you may have times when your child chooses a paste they just don't like, but you can then let them "cheat" and use a paste they do like instead. Or, you can purchase all delicious flavors and none of the really strange ones, so every grab-bag experience is a fun and tasty one. 

Remember to make brushing fun for your children, and it will not only make it easier to get them to brush today, but it will give them fond memories and make sure they always view oral health in a positive way. Don't be surprised if they also look forward to their trips to a dentist's office, like Apollo Dental Center, so they can brag about all of the fun toothpastes they have used since their last visit!