When people want to restore their smiles, the options generally come down to porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. Some people get these treatments confused and some even think that they are the same thing. However, they are different. Whether or not veneers or crowns will be used in your smile restoration procedure will greatly depend on the condition of your teeth, your smile goals, the dentist you choose and your individual scenario. Read on to learn more.

Your Tooth's Condition

Porcelain veneers simply bond to the front of your teeth. However, for that reason, your teeth must be healthy, free from wear and show no signs of decay. If you are just struggling with some discoloration, then a veneer may be perfect. Otherwise, if you have decayed or cracked teeth, a porcelain crown is going to be a better option for protection as well as aesthetics.

Your Smile Goals

Are you looking to achieve a complete smile makeover? Are you attempting to change the color, size or shape of your teeth? If so, and your teeth are healthy as stated above, porcelain veneers can cover the front of your teeth and help you achieve your goals. Veneers do not require a lot of preparation in order to do this. However, the same smile goals require much more groundwork with porcelain crowns since the tooth will likely require some reduction.

Your Cosmetic Dentist

As with any doctor, your dentist is going to have a professional opinion. After examining your mouth and your diagnostic results, he or she will inform you of the treatment that will best work in your individual case. Although the final decision is yours, it is important to listen to the pros and cons of each of the treatment options from your cosmetic dentist.

Your Individual Case

Every single case is different. While a porcelain veneer may be best-suited for your situation, a porcelain crown may be the preferred course of treatment for another individual. You will also have to take into consideration your budget. Money always matters, and porcelain crowns tend to be cheaper when compared to porcelain veneers due to the amount of materials and work involved. However, in some areas, the price difference may only be roughly $200.

Consult with a cosmetic dentist who is going to take the time to anticipate your function and aesthetic resulted while evaluating your case. Feel free to get more than one opinion, if you think it is necessary. When visiting the dentist, be prepared to ask plenty of questions, jot down a few notes and compare all of your options before deciding on a cosmetic dentist (such as Dr. Paul Goodman) and a cosmetic procedure for the restoration of your smile.