Keeping your smile looking healthy and beautiful is one of the more important factors for ensuring that you always look your best. However, there are many problems that can arise over the years which may compromise your smile's appearance. For those that encounter these potentially embarrassing problems, porcelain veneers can be an excellent option for restoring your smile's appearance. Once you have these couple of questions concerning this dental procedure addressed, you should be in a far better position to decide if this is a procedure that is right for your situation.

Is Receiving Porcelain Veneers A Painful Procedure To Go Through?

Some patients may avoid opting for porcelain veneers because they are concerned that this procedure will be extremely painful. Fortunately, this is far from the case, and receiving veneers is a simple procedure with minimal discomfort for the patient.

Before the veneers can be installed, the surface of the teeth will have to be properly prepared. This is done by roughening the surface of the teeth so that the bonding agent that is used to secure the veneer can form a tight bond with the tooth. This bonding agent is dried using a high-intensity infrared light to help ensure this process is completed as quickly as possible.

Will You Ever Need To Get The Veneers Whitened?

Tooth staining can be one of the more common problems that patients will encounter. Not surprisingly, there are some people that are concerned that they may need to have their veneers whitened at some point in the future. However, you should not have to worry about this because veneers are not prone to developing permanent stains.

If you are noticing that your veneers are becoming discolored, you will likely be able to reverse the problem by simply having them professionally cleaned. The cleaning will remove the accumulated plaque and tartar that can negatively impact the color of the veneers, which should restore your veneers to their original appearance.

Getting veneers can be an excellent way of restoring the cosmetic impacts of a variety of problems that your teeth may develop. However, you might not be particularly well-informed regarding this type of dental procedure. If you are considering having these prosthetics installed, it is important for you to know that receiving these veneers is not painful and that porcelain veneers are not at risk of developing stains. Being armed with this knowledge will allow you to decide if this is the right option for your needs. For more information, talk to a professional like Pike Dentistry.