For newbies to Invisalign braces, getting used to them can take some time. Simple tasks, such as eating, can become challenging with the braces. If you are new to Invisalign braces, here are some tips and tricks to use.  

  1. Rinse and brush after eating. Ideally, you should remove your Invisalign braces while eating. Before replacing them, take the time to rinse and brush your teeth and gums. If not, food debris can stick to your teeth and lead to a build up of harmful bacteria. 

  2. Avoid coffee and tea. Coffee and tea can stain Invisalign braces. When this happens, you are stuck with the stained trays until it is time to switch to a new one. If skipping coffee or tea altogether is not an option for you, immediately clean the tray and your teeth following drinking. 

  3. Use chewies. Throughout the course of a day, the Invisalign braces might slide out of place and not fit as well. When this happens, chewies can be used to push the tray back into place. Chewies are cushions that help with movement and positioning of the braces.  

  4. Keep an empty case with you. Since you have to remove the Invisalign to eat, you need somewhere to store them. The best place is in its own case. You should receive an extra case with your braces. If not, you can pick up a case at your local pharmacy. 

  5. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Before you switch to a new tray, take an over-the-counter pain reliever. New trays can sometimes cause discomfort. The pain reliever helps to prevent the pain. To increase the chances of not experiencing pain, switch to the new tray right before going to sleep. 

  6. Wear the trays as recommended. Invisalign trays are only effective if they are consistently worn. The more you wear the trays, the sooner you will see results. Try to only remove the trays when you are eating or practicing dental hygiene care.  

  7. Do not toss old trays. If you lose a set of Invisalign braces, the old trays can serve as a backup. Wearing the old trays is important because they help to keep your teeth from sliding out of the alignment gains that have been made to this point. If possible, make sure you have at least one old tray on hand at all times. 

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