If you are not big on extensive dental procedures, then same day crowns can save you multiple dental visits. Same day crowns can conveniently be installed all in one sitting. They are extremely durable and hold up to wear and tear. In order to be reliable, your same day crowns are installed near your gum tissue. This can cause light soreness and make it difficult to enjoy a meal after the procedure is complete. However, this should not last and you should notice a chance in inflammation within a few days. Until this happens, there are a few tips that you can use in order to make it easier to eat when dealing with sore gums after your same day crown installation.

Chew On the Side of Your Mouth Without the Crown

The easiest way to avoid irritating your gum tissue further is by using the side of your mouth that does not contain a crown to chew. This may be difficult to get accustomed to at first but it will make eating your food much easier and enjoyable. If you have same day crowns and both sides of your mouth, then you can opt to use your front teeth to eat your food. Since your front teeth can be a bit more delicate to cutting down large bites of food it may be beneficial to break down your food into smaller bites. This will allow you to easily swallow whatever you have difficulty chewing.

Adopt a Soft Food diet

A soft food diet is usually recommended if you have had extensive dental operations or procedures. However, if you are suffering from a sore or inflamed gum tissue, then a soft food diet can be extremely beneficial. Soft foods will give your gum tissue and same day crown a chance to heal. Soups, yogurts, and smoothies are easy soft foods that you can construct from the comfort of your own home. You can also make meats softer by slow cooking them until they are completely broken down. Hard fruits can be blended in order to create sauces or puddings. This will prevent you from having to give up some of your favorite meals.

A same day crown installation procedure is an exciting process. Sore gum tissues while eating can quickly kill this excitement and make recovery a bit more challenging. Therefore, use these tips to help make this process much easier. For more information, contact companies like Four Corners Dental Group Fairbanks.