Did you decided to go through with getting dental implants but still feel nervous about the process? You might be able to rest a lot easier if you opt for getting partial dentures instead of the implants. You will still achieve a great smile, but the dentures will not be permanently installed in your jawbones like implants. Take a look at the list of things in this article to get more insight in regards to partial dentures.

1. The Process Will Not Be Uncomfortable

Obtaining partial dentures as a way to replace missing teeth is one of the most comfortable dental processes to undergo. You will not have to worry about anything surgical being done to your gums or jawbones. However, if you are suffering from serious complications such as cavities or gum disease symptoms, a dentist will have to treat the problem. As far as getting the dentures, your mouth will be measured between the jawbones, and an impression of your remaining teeth will be obtained. The dentures will be made in a lab and then fitted inside of your mouth for comfort.

2. Gaps Can Be Prevented Between Natural Teeth

The perk of wearing partial dentures is that they fill in the spaces between your remaining natural teeth. The reason why filling in the spaces is important is because doing so will prevent teeth from shifting. If you were to simply walk around without partial dentures or with other replacement teeth types, your natural teeth would begin to shift farther apart. You would then end up with a mouth full of gaps. The gaps would continuously become larger, especially if there aren't many natural teeth left.

3. Maintaining the Dentures Will Be an Easy Task

There is not much work involved with maintaining partial dentures in good shape. You will basically just wear them during the times they are needed, and then remove them each day. Once the dentures are removed, they should be placed in a solution that sterilizes them to protect you from germs and bacteria. Keep in mind that the dentures will also have to be brushed every now and then with non-abrasive toothpaste that can remove food that gets stuck on them. You can obtain partial dentures as soon as you are ready to make an appointment with a dentist and undergo an examination.

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