If your dentist has suggested a dental crown to take care of one of your dental issues, then you want to learn more about crowns and all of the things they can do for you. A dental crown has many jobs and it does them well. Here is some information to help give you a better understanding of some of the things that you can expect from a crown:

They offer protection – A dental crown can provide a damaged or weak tooth with protection, so it doesn't get worse. This allows you to keep a tooth that may otherwise get to a point where you would be at risk of needing to have it extracted. Having that tooth extracted would then leave you with deciding on a method of replacing it, which can be costly and in some cases painful.

They offer restoration – A dental crown will give you a way to restore what has become a worn, broken or chipped tooth. Having a crown put on the tooth will give you back your pre-damage smile and make it so you no longer have to worry about babying the tooth.

They offer you correction – A dental crown can be used to correct something that is wrong with your tooth that gives you a smile you aren't pleased with. It can be put on a severely discolored tooth, a tooth with an odd shape or a tooth with other problems like these.

They offer you support – A dental crown can be used as a form of support. For example, if you have had a dental bridge put in, then the crowns will support that bridge. They also offer you added support for a large filling that would otherwise be at risk of possibly falling out due to its weight.

They offer you a cap for an implant – If you have had a dental implant put in, then the crown will be put on the implant to give you the tooth replacement portion that completes the dental implant set.

They offer you choices – If you are in need of something to go over a natural tooth for any reason and a dental crown will work, then they also offer you options. You can choose between different materials such as different types of metals or porcelain. You can even put a unique and personalized added touch on the dental crown that comes in the form of a very small tattoo.