Do you hate the teeth you have right now? Have you been considering having work done so that you can have the smile that you've always wanted? Unfortunately, as you may already have discovered, many insurance companies consider purely aesthetic dental work to be "non-essential" and may not cover the work that you need to have done. But this doesn't mean that you have to continue to put up with a less than ideal mouth. By asking the right questions, you should be able to have the best possible teeth. Some questions to ask the cosmetic dentist include:

How much of this is covered by insurance? When looking at your list of covered procedures, it can be difficult to decipher exactly what your insurance will pay for and what they will not. A good cosmetic dentist will work with both you and your insurance company to get as much of your dental work covered as possible. Since he or she doesn't work for the insurance company, he or she won't necessarily know every single thing that is or is not covered but should still at least have a pretty good idea due to his or her years as a dentist. 

Do you have a payment plan? Due to the higher cost of some types of dental work, it's not unusual to find a cosmetic dentist who will allow you to make payment arrangements. Instead of having to pay a lump sum of several thousand dollars up front, you'll be able to pay a portion of the total cost on a weekly or on a monthly basis. Some dentists may not take payments directly but will work with a 3rd party financial institution that you make payments to, and then they will pay the dentist on your behalf. 

How long will all of this take? When you're concerned about budget, you may want to have all of the work done as quickly and in as few sessions as possible in order to avoid having to take extra time off from your job. On the other hand, having the work done over a longer period of time and over more visits can be a way to make your own payment plan if you can't work something out with your cosmetic dentist. By having a portion of the work done every couple of months, you can pay off your bill and save up for the next bit of work that needs to be done.