Ice-cold drinks are very refreshing at the end of a long day and are a great way of relaxing. However, some people – like you – enjoy chewing their ice at the end of a drink. This little habit is one that dentists loathe and which may require cosmetic repair if it causes damage to your teeth.

Ice May Damage Your Teeth

Ice is a very hard substance that will often shatter very heavily when you bite into it. This pressure might not seem that severe if the ice is softer or has melted a little. Unfortunately, the impact of that shattering damage may send shock waves through your mouth that trigger chips on your teeth.

Chips typically affect the surface of your tooth and rarely go deeper than a few millimeters or so. However, this problem can become worse if you don't take the time to fully address it. And the complications of chipped teeth can be more problematic than you may realize.

Cracked Teeth May Have Complications

Chipped teeth are not one of the most serious dental problems. However, they can become a real concern if you don't take the time to get them fixed. For example, the chips on the tooth may let in bacteria and other contaminants into your mouth to cause sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when eating, and even a fever. Antibacterial treatments may be necessary for this situation.

Even worse, a chipped tooth may be more prone to damage than other types of teeth and end up experiencing an increased risk of cavities or other problems. These issues may worsen if you keep chewing on ice after you chipped any of your teeth. Stop chewing on ice and talk to a cosmetic dentist to avoid these complications.

How Bonding Helps

If your ice-chewing habit has caused a chip in one or more of your teeth, you need to talk to your dentist about the benefits of bonding right away. This treatment method utilizes a durable plastic that is applied to the tooth, shaped to look as natural as possible, and hardened with a laser or ultraviolet ray.

This care method helps to fix the chipped surface of your tooth and minimizes the likelihood of complications or worsening dental conditions. For example, the tooth won't decay to the point where you need a crown, a filling, or other types of oral care methods.

So if you are worried that your addiction to eating ice has caused real dental damage that you need to fix as soon as possible, don't hesitate to contact a cosmetic dentist at a clinic such as Professional Dental Center right away. These professionals will work hard to ensure that your teeth are strong and durable.