Clear teeth aligners, also know as clear braces, are rapidly growing in popularity, particularly with adults who do not like the look of metal braces. However, you need to know what to expect so you will have a successful experience and a great overall outcome. Here are some tips for when you get your clear teeth aligners:

Wear the Aligners for the Correct Amount of Time

You will have to wear the teeth aligner for a prescribed amount of time each day. In general, you only have a couple hours free from wearing the alignment trays each day, allowing you time to eat and to clean your teeth. If you do not wear the aligners for the correct amount of time, your treatment time overall will be longer. In addition to that, you may not get the desired effect either.

Stay on Top of Any Discomfort

While clear aligners are not typically painful, you may have some initial discomfort. The aligners work by forcing the teeth into the proper position. You may notice some mild pain in your jaws and your teeth. To help prevent this, take some time to do some easy exercises to help minimize the pain. As you change your trays or take them in and out, take a few minutes to perform some chewing-like motions before you replace the aligners. The chewing motion will act as a massage for your jaw and help stimulate the flow of blood to the mouth. Your orthodontist will also have some chewing devices made from foam that you can chew on to help facilitate the exercise. You can also take some mild over-the-counter pain reliever if the pain persists.

Keep the Alignment Trays Clean

Above all, you want to keep the entire process clean and sanitary. You should clean your aligners each day at least once. Your orthodontist will provide you with the directions to do this for your specific brand of aligners. You will also have a tool that helps you remove the aligners from your teeth. The removal process may get harder as the trays get tighter on your teeth. The tool looks like a hook that will help you get a better grip on the trays. You should make sure to clean the tool right after each use. Also make sure your hands are clean each time you handle your aligners.

If you are interested in getting clear alignment trays to straighten your teeth, be sure to ask your orthodontist for a consultation so you will know what to expect from the process.